Chapter 3: Academics or Sports – The 2009 Dilemma

Acedemics or Sports? The Delimma of 2009:

“I remember watching an NBA game; 2am in Nigeria while thinking about my life, and all of sudden, I remembered my buddy, Ikeobi Uchegbu.”


Ikeobi Uchegbu and I during NBA 3×3 – Halifax, Canada.


After the summer of 2009, I remember watching an NBA game 2am in Nigeria while thinking about my life, and all of a sudden, I remembered my buddy, Ikeobi Uchegbu, we were both part of AHIP, Adoloscent Health and Information Project in the past. I reached out to him as he was playing and studying in Canada with Saint Mary’s University at that time. “Ikeobi was very welcoming and responded when I needed him. He felt that I would be a great addition to the team.” He got in touch with the Head Coach, Ross Quackenbush and Assistant Coach, Jonah Taussig. Ikeobi and the current Head Coach of Saint Mary’s University, Jonah Taussig helped me through the admission process and I was admitted to Saint Mary’s University. As of this time, I was finalizing options, as well as, considering to go to Spain, but as faith may have it, I was approved a Student Visa to study in Canada, Harry says. It was time to make the decision of a life time, a short term one or a long term one? “Going to Spain was a short term goal, I’ll only get to play basketball, injuries may come and I’ll have nothing to fall back on, but going to Canada was a long term plan, one that would give me the opportunity to study, play basketball, acquire transferable life skills and attain more growth in any chosen professional career. I wasn’t going to give that up.”

Harry had the right support system in his family to fuel his decision making ability, one which changed his life forever. Having gone through 4-5ears trying to Play professional baksetball and hoping to be approved of a Student Visa to the United States, Harry knew that the approval of a Canadian Student Visa which will create endless opportunities, was a no brainer. He was not trying to compromise that at all. His priorities were set to Academic opportunity. “I this life, you have to make decisions and live with the results which includes risks, I was up for it; I knew it was not going to be a smooth road, but the roads before mine had never been smooth afterall. I was ready!

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