Harry’s Story

Harry’s Journey is a Story with many Chapters yet to be written, but thus far it’s content is inspirational to say the least. The road taken from childhood dreams to his current realization is one that is full of twists and turns, uphill climbs, turbulent battles, and sacrifice. With perseverance through the struggles comes a brighter day, great rewards and amazing opportunities. His message is clear and simple:

“You can become who you want to be, if you just believe.”

– Harry Ezenibe

To learn more about the young man, read about some of his experiences that he is willing to share with you in Chapters 1 through 5.


“I came from nothing. The community in which I was raised had a lot of passionate youth in sports and other life aspirations, but with less exposure for a lifetime; a community that is underdeveloped with low infrastructures and prone to constant religious conflicts. I had my fair share of such conflicts but survived. It was a tough environment; religious conflicts are no joke; knowing that you have seconds to die, minutes to die and it extends to hours and years, and you are still alive – those experience leaves you traumatized and seeking for solutions that are out of reach. Fortunately, I had a great Family that protected me and kept me focused with mental toughness to get through all forms of adversity. As I found a passion in basketball, it redirected my energy to a more positive outlook to life. The game was my safe house, my safe place, my safe space, and a great tool that created opportunities of a lifetime to myself, my family, and others.”


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