Mission and Vision



Using Basketball as a tool for Youth Empowerment and Community Development, Education and Peace. Inspiring youth; helping young people realize their dreams by sharing my experiences.


HarryCares visualizes a generation of assertive youth with a high self-esteem and self confidence to become who they want to become. We want to dream BIGGER THAN HOOP DREAMS

  • By using Basketball as a tool, HarryCares will empower youth through Basketball Camps, HarryCares Hoop Forum and annual HarryCares tournament which will include life skills sessions. HarryCares will continue to work on establishing educational opportunities for youth in Nigeria to attend High School/Colleges/Universities in Canada and other parts of the world
  • HarryCares will create life long and sustainable opportunities through these basketball camps, Hoop Forum and tournament which will continue to engage and channel young people’s energy towards sports and other life aspirations.
  • Every individual inspired may inspire others which will in turn benefit, and develop our society at large.


– Passion, Dedication, Leadership, Integrity, Empathy, and Professionalism


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