Community Outreach: Nigeria

Following are some of the Community Outreach initiatives I was a part of in Nigeria — where I am from. Basketball was always involved, but it was used as a tool to reach youths and deliver positive influence.



February 5, 2017.

In an effort to encouraging reading and early child development in Nigeria: HarryCares in partnering with The Nubian Book Club in Ontario, Canada, and supporting early childhood education through a reading program.

All donated books include picture books, chapter books and story books suitable for students between the ages of 3-12 years old. All books will be distributed and shared amongst select schools in Nigeria, where the need for reading books are great.

“A reading nation is a healthy Nation” – Nubian Book Club

Through this initiative the Canadian

students and families will be made aware of some global living conditions experienced by kids and how their contribution can make a positive difference in a child’s life.




SBMF & HCF CLINIC DAY: So blessed to have worked closely with these hardworking kids today in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. It rained in between skill work stations, we got wet, soaked and drenched but we persevered all through till it was dry out.
Unbelievable circumstances we faced but rewarding effort to getting better and working hard while sharing various life lessons. Hats off to all the Coaches and players. “You want people to meet you later in life as a good person not just a basketball player.” Bigger Than Hoop Dreams!




Tournament Day: E.c. Ezenibe Jr. – Emmanuel Ezenibe, Manager, Business Development and Basketball Operations |@hcfhoopdreams Addressing participating youth on the importance of Peace and Education through sports at the just concluded Bigger Than Hoop Dreams 3×3 Tournament in Lafia, Nassarawa State, Nigeria

Thanks to everyone who devoted their time in making history in the city of Lafia today. I appreciate. We are blessed! . —–> Next City.




HarryCares Basketball Clinic, PortHarcourt, Nigeria 2015

August 6, 2015.

Over 60+ kids present during 1-Day HarryCares Basketball Clinic, and introduction to the upcoming SoSo BobManuel Basketball Camp.

We stressed on the following:
1. Knowing why you invest in your craft (the risks involved and possibilities within).
2. Understanding the opportunities the game of basketball may provide.
3. Becoming role models that may eventually help in their own community development.
4. Channelling their energy towards sports and healthy lifestyle.
5. Being educated and staying in school will be a great guide to achieving their lives aspiration.

HarryCares Basketball clinic

Thanks to all the coaches and leadership that ensured structure was in place, much appreciated.

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Nothing is by chance, it was all meant to be – H.Ezenibe

Harry Ezenibe’s Visit – Be A Lady Camp, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

August 5, 2015.

Today’s Focus at the “Be a Lady” Camp
1. We are Fortunate
2. We are Educated
3. We are Aware
4. We will make the right decisions
5. We are CONFIDENT!

Be a Lady - HarryCares

It is eminent to educate and instill confidence in the Girl-child and every other child in Nigeria. More guidance and mentorship is imperative. Todays life skill session was filled with energy. One thing for sure is they became more assertive.


Nigeria: AHIP & HarryCares

May 11th, 2013.

On my trip home, I visited Adolescent Health and Information Project (AHIP Nigeria) in the capital city of Abuja with one of the staff in order to show my support as a past Peer Health Educator and Outreach Department team member. It was a great feeling coming back and seeing good people/organization who were part of road to success.



Photo: Visit to an Outdoor Basketball court and former organization AHIP in the capital city of Nigeria. Photo taken with friends and other youth, and the AHIP representative Kitua Okai. Abuja, Nigeria. May, 2013

In addition, I visited a basketball court and reconnected with old friends and other youth whom were also using basketball as a means of occupying themselves towards a more healthy part of life. It was a great feeling seeing past coaches and teammates and showing appreciation for the time they invested in contributing to who I am today.

“You can only understand your mistakes through the improvements you’ve made” – H. Ezenibe

Basketball as a Tool for Success

“HarryCares:” It all started in Nigeria. I wanted better for myself and realized that I really can achieve anything I set my mind to and completely devote myself to. These moments, as captured in this photo, are why I do what I do. Here, I am passing on some of the tools and advice that led me to creating my own brighter and better future. The challenges with these youth are countless however, they always found a way to smile.


Above Photo: Emulating the Read to Achieve NBA Program

As a Peer Health Educator, I was part of a basketball Outreach Program with the Adolescent Health and Information Project (AHIP) in Nigeria from 2004-2009. My roles were as a mediator, a mentor, a leader and a peer health educator. I also participated in the Basketball 4 Peace program sponsored by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as an Ambassador for peace and conflict resolutionist in areas affected by religious conflicts and riots. In order for these positive experiences to be passed on to other youths, I developed “HarryCares” as a way to give back to the community and to the people who provided these opportunities which I continues to experience and benefit from.

Kano, Nigeria 2009: IEC Materials






I regularly visit street basketball courts as a basketball outreach team member. I help in desseminating IEC Materials: Information, Education Communication materials to youths and spectators who come to watch basketball practice. These basketball courts are usually situated around communities that are prone to riots and religious conflicts. As ambassadors for peace, we use basketball as a tool to reach out to these people and also educate them to channel their energy towards sports and not violence.

Above left: Summer 2009, Kano, Nigeria; Emulating the Read to Achieve NBA Program.

Above right: Fellow Teammates who helped in making the outreach program an achievable cause.

“Channel your energy towards sports and not violence” – AHIP Nigeria