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Celebrating Education & Success

June 26th, 2013

I paid a visited to Harbour View Elementary School to support to Dylan Cooper, one of the kids that I worked with during the Autism Summer Camp in 2012, and congratulate him on his Grade 6 Graduation. I have continued to maintain a good  relationship with Dylan, his brother; Brendon and his mother, Michelle. It was a great feeling reconnecting with them all!

Dylan Cooper and I during his Grade 6 graduation June 2013

 Photo: Dylan Cooper and I during his Grade 6 graduation June 2013


Video: A Peace Education Project

June 15th, 2013

I published a Peace Education Project that I did with Jerome Smith and Miguel Pink on Youtube. We research and conducted interviews all around Saint Mary’s University. The participants in this video are Student-athletes, Faculty/Athletic Deparment staffs and other students of Saint Mary’s University. All participants were fully informed about the purpose of this project in regards to our Peace Education class in 2011, it was ethical!  The founder of Peace Schools International, Hetty Van Gurp was our instructor in this course (Peace Education). All participant agreed to be interviewed and were giving the option to opt out if they wanted to. We (Jerome Smith and I) wanted to know what other people thought about PEACE, what they understood, experienced and would do if they were in the position to make peace?   PLEASE click on the link below and enjoy this fun project. 

The audio quality of this video is slightly above 65%. However, the project was a great cause.

Nigeria: AHIP & HarryCares

May 11th, 2013.

On my trip home, I visited Adolescent Health and Information Project (AHIP Nigeria) in the capital city of Abuja with one of the staff in order to show my support as a past Peer Health Educator and Outreach Department team member. It was a great feeling coming back and seeing good people/organization who were part of road to success.



Photo: Visit to an Outdoor Basketball court and former organization AHIP in the capital city of Nigeria. Photo taken with friends and other youth, and the AHIP representative Kitua Okai. Abuja, Nigeria. May, 2013

In addition, I visited a basketball court and reconnected with old friends and other youth whom were also using basketball as a means of occupying themselves towards a more healthy part of life. It was a great feeling seeing past coaches and teammates and showing appreciation for the time they invested in contributing to who I am today.

“You can only understand your mistakes through the improvements you’ve made” – H. Ezenibe


April 27th, 2013.

5 minute talk time with the athletes of “WE WILL WIN Youth Association”  on the importance of mixing education and sports thereby prioritizing education as a means of making long term goals as opposed to short term goals. This little speech of mine occurred after their Saturday evening scrimmage at Saint Mary’s University.

Youth of WE WILL WIN and Harry Ezenibe April 27th, 2013 Photo: Youth of WE WILL WIN and Harry Ezenibe April 27th, 2013

Coach Simmonds, the founder of WE WILL WIN Youth Association  expressed his appreciation and gratitude after my speech and couldn’t help but talk about the work ethics of his athletes and how dedicated they are to become better individuals to themselves, their families, and their communities. His comments were reinforcing.

Note: The above statement are my interpretations of Coach Simmonds statements and not his direct words or quotations.

“You can always be a change for others through the pain you experience…
…You may understand your mistakes by the improvements you’ve made“ – H. Ezenibe



February 19, 2013

EDUCATE THE FUTURE: Early this evening, I paid a visit to The Prospect Community Centre to wish the Prospect Bulls Basketball Club best of luck in their upcoming playoff game this weekend. I dropped them a few positive and inspirational words in order to get them prepared.

“I’m appreciative of this opportunity and fortunate that I’m able to continue my passion in empowering youth around the world.” – HarryCares

Talking to the Bantam boys from the Prospect Bulls Basketball Club -HarryCares

Photo: Talking to the Bantam boys from the Prospect Bulls Basketball Club -HarryCares

Email Feedback from the Coach:

From: Kevin Bezanson [] Sent: February-19-13 9:37 PM To:‘’ Cc: Jonah Taussig (Jonah.Taussig@SMU.CA); ‘’ Subject: Bantam Boys Get a Big Surprise

The bantam boys team had a big surprise during their practice on Feb 19, 2013 when Harry Ezenibe of Saint Mary’s Huskies Men’s varsity team returned to wish the guys good luck in the playoffs this weekend (see below).  He also helped coach our inter-squad scrimmage. As part of his foundation “Harry Cares”, he travels to many schools and clubs helping young people realize their dreams and shares his experience when he was young and NBA scouts and others came to his home town and the work he did to obtain his dreams.  We are very fortunate that Harry cares about Prospect!! Thank you Harry!


Basketball as a Tool for Success

“HarryCares:” It all started in Nigeria. I wanted better for myself and realized that I really can achieve anything I set my mind to and completely devote myself to. These moments, as captured in this photo, are why I do what I do. Here, I am passing on some of the tools and advice that led me to creating my own brighter and better future. The challenges with these youth are countless however, they always found a way to smile.


Above Photo: Emulating the Read to Achieve NBA Program

As a Peer Health Educator, I was part of a basketball Outreach Program with the Adolescent Health and Information Project (AHIP) in Nigeria from 2004-2009. My roles were as a mediator, a mentor, a leader and a peer health educator. I also participated in the Basketball 4 Peace program sponsored by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as an Ambassador for peace and conflict resolutionist in areas affected by religious conflicts and riots. In order for these positive experiences to be passed on to other youths, I developed “HarryCares” as a way to give back to the community and to the people who provided these opportunities which I continues to experience and benefit from.

SMU Huskies: Inspiring Athletes Panel

April 2nd, 2013.

INSPIRING ATHLETES PANEL: On a sunny Tuesday afternoon; four Student-Athletes (Including myself)  and two staffs of  Saint Mary’s University left for Dartmouth High for an Inspiring Athletes Event. This event started at 1:50pm and ran uptil 3:10pm. The Student-Athletes gave a brief orientation of what to expect in the University and also, possible ways of overcoming adversities or obstacles that are inevitable as Student-Athletes. After the brief presentation from the Saint Mary’s staffs and athletes, the panel was open for discussions. We posed questions to the students and they did the same. It was a very memorable event for us all as we shared our experiences by telling our personal stories to the students and staffs of Dartmouth High. I am fortunate to represent my family, friends and Saint Mary’s University as an inspiring leader and athlete at this event and I am appreciative of the continuous and lasting relationship I have developed with the Halifax and Dartmouth community.

SMU Huskies Super Auction

March 20, 2013

HUSKIES SUPER AUCTION: Early this evening, I volunteered to be part of the 2013 Huskies Super Auction as a means to raise money for the Saint Mary’s University Athletic Program. It was a great event that feature families, friends, Alumni’s and fans of the university, and a great way of showing our appreciation as Student-Athletes of the University’s Program. -HarryCares

Huskies Super Auction 2013- Showing our appreciation to the Alumni's of Saint Mary's University for all the encouragement and financial support they provide to the program

Photo: Huskies Super Auction 2013- Showing our appreciation to the Alumni’s of Saint Mary’s University for all the encouragement and financial support they provide to the program

AUS Featured Article

January 28, 2013

An article on me by the Atlantic University Sports (AUS). Basketball is my passion It contributed to my growth and others.


Photo: Game shot, Saint Mary’s Huskies – Harry Ezenibe

Below is a link to the article. Copy or click on the link.

SMU Huskies and the Prospect Bulls

November 20th, 2012

On Tuesday November 20th Head Coach Jonah Taussig , Kadeem Scott, Riley Halpin and I mentored Mini and Bantam Boys at the Home of the Prospect Bulls. It was a great opportunity for us all; being able share our experiences both as players and coaches, and also learning from these kids who came to work hard this evening. I am thankful of the opportunity and also appreciative for the time the parents of those kids gave in order to ensure that their kids benefit from us all. You can visit Prospect Road Basketball Association on