HarryCares Basketball Clinic, PortHarcourt, Nigeria 2015

August 6, 2015.

Over 60+ kids present during 1-Day HarryCares Basketball Clinic, and introduction to the upcoming SoSo BobManuel Basketball Camp.

We stressed on the following:
1. Knowing why you invest in your craft (the risks involved and possibilities within).
2. Understanding the opportunities the game of basketball may provide.
3. Becoming role models that may eventually help in their own community development.
4. Channelling their energy towards sports and healthy lifestyle.
5. Being educated and staying in school will be a great guide to achieving their lives aspiration.

HarryCares Basketball clinic

Thanks to all the coaches and leadership that ensured structure was in place, much appreciated.

Follow @harrycaresfoundation(IG) @HCFhoopdreams (T) on shared experiences including participant recognition.

Nothing is by chance, it was all meant to be – H.Ezenibe

One comment

  1. It has always been a dream to give back to the society by encouraging young People to never give up on whatever the set their hearts to as long as you have direction.


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