April 27th, 2013.

5 minute talk time with the athletes of “WE WILL WIN Youth Association”  on the importance of mixing education and sports thereby prioritizing education as a means of making long term goals as opposed to short term goals. This little speech of mine occurred after their Saturday evening scrimmage at Saint Mary’s University.

Youth of WE WILL WIN and Harry Ezenibe April 27th, 2013 Photo: Youth of WE WILL WIN and Harry Ezenibe April 27th, 2013

Coach Simmonds, the founder of WE WILL WIN Youth Association  expressed his appreciation and gratitude after my speech and couldn’t help but talk about the work ethics of his athletes and how dedicated they are to become better individuals to themselves, their families, and their communities. His comments were reinforcing.

Note: The above statement are my interpretations of Coach Simmonds statements and not his direct words or quotations.

“You can always be a change for others through the pain you experience…
…You may understand your mistakes by the improvements you’ve made“ – H. Ezenibe


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