SMU Huskies Home Opener and Guest Youths

November 3rd, 2012

Jerome, Miguel and I with the Youth from Caledonia Junior High - "Just Believe"Huskies Basketball Home Opener: On this day, Jerome Smith, Miguel Pink and myself reunited with some youth from Caledonial Junior High School; we had them come over to Saint Mary’s University in order to have the opportunity to see the varsity football game and also follow up from our previous meeting with them.

Photo: Jerome, Miguel and I with the Youth from Caledonia Junior High – “Just Believe”

They also had the opportunity to watch our Home Opener basketball game and with the help of Saint Mary’s University’s Department of Athletics and Recreation, we were able to gear them up with some SMU Huskies apparel. Below is a response via email  from the parents of Royce.

“Coach Taussig,

On Saturday Nov. 3 2012 three young men from your basketball team, namely Migual, Jerome, and Harry. Spent the day with our son Royce they took him out to dinner,then they took him to the football game followed by the basketball game. Royce Jr. said “he had an amazing day’”the t it meant a lot to Royce that these three young men in college took the time to spend the day with him. They met Royce while he was attending Caladonia Jr. high School on a trip to Saint Mary’s. They continued to keep in touch, my wife and I met Migual, and Jerome they were very pleasant. They stressed to Royce the importance of a good education my wife and I are grateful to these young men.

 from Royce Sr. and Rosemary Johnston

 Photo: The Original “Just Believe” Crew – Harry Ezenibe, Jerome Smith and Miguel Pink

I also reunited with two youths living with Autism that I worked with during this summer through my Co-op work term. Dylan and Brandon were accompanied by their mother, Michelle and were live at tonights basketball game. They were loud and screamed my name at the top of their voices during in game action. It was a great feeling knowing that they were present and also,  I am appreciative of the lasting relationship we have established.

 Photos (Above right & Bottom left): Myself, Dylan, Brandon and their mother, Michelle.



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