February 19, 2013

EDUCATE THE FUTURE: Early this evening, I paid a visit to The Prospect Community Centre to wish the Prospect Bulls Basketball Club best of luck in their upcoming playoff game this weekend. I dropped them a few positive and inspirational words in order to get them prepared.

“I’m appreciative of this opportunity and fortunate that I’m able to continue my passion in empowering youth around the world.” – HarryCares

Talking to the Bantam boys from the Prospect Bulls Basketball Club -HarryCares

Photo: Talking to the Bantam boys from the Prospect Bulls Basketball Club -HarryCares

Email Feedback from the Coach:

From: Kevin Bezanson [] Sent: February-19-13 9:37 PM To:‘’ Cc: Jonah Taussig (Jonah.Taussig@SMU.CA); ‘’ Subject: Bantam Boys Get a Big Surprise

The bantam boys team had a big surprise during their practice on Feb 19, 2013 when Harry Ezenibe of Saint Mary’s Huskies Men’s varsity team returned to wish the guys good luck in the playoffs this weekend (see below).  He also helped coach our inter-squad scrimmage. As part of his foundation “Harry Cares”, he travels to many schools and clubs helping young people realize their dreams and shares his experience when he was young and NBA scouts and others came to his home town and the work he did to obtain his dreams.  We are very fortunate that Harry cares about Prospect!! Thank you Harry!


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