Introduction to Basketball Basics: Armbrae Pre-School

Friday June 8, 2012

A visit to Armbrae Pre-School presentation with Head Coach of the Saint Mary’s Huskies Basketball to educate and demonstrate to pre-school students thee “Introduction to Basketball Basics.” A fun morning with the kids and you learn how appreciative these kids are  — especially when they have someone to look up to. They learn so quickly!



Its never too early to introduce the game of basketball to our youth. Sports, physical activity, and play all have a positive impact on kids. The game of basketball is more than just a game: it’s physically, mentally, and emotionally rewarding. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience play, to be a kid, and to learn and grow through sport.

It feels great to share my passion with kids. They get to have fun and build on lessons learned in school — like team-work and fair play.”   -Harry Ezenibe



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